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This site aims to collect in one place all dance and related events and organize them into calendars that anyone can access.
  • Dancers: To see what's on in your area, click on one of the following regions. You can also use the search function to find calendars. Happy dancing! :)
  • Dance groups: if you would like to add your own public calendar to this website, have a look at the FAQ. It's very easy to set up, and YOU maintain control of your calendar.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to contact me (Simon).


Dance styles

Argentine Tango, Australian, Bachata, Ballet, Ballroom Tango, Ballroom, Barn dance, Baroque, Belly dance, Blues, Boom Swing, Bush dance, Cajun, Ceroc, Cha-cha-cha, Chinese, Civil War, Clogging, Contemporary Jazz, Contra, Core Flow, Country dancing, Danish, Disco, ECD, East Coast Swing, Electronic Music, English Country Dance, English country, Estonian folk dance, Exotic dance, Feldenkrais, Finnish, Flamenco, Folk, Foxtrot, Freestyle, French folk dancing, Greek Traditional Folk Dance, Greek dance, Gyrokinesis, Hambo, Hip Hop, Historic, Horton Modern, Hula, International folk dance, Irish set, Irish step, Israeli dancing, Jazz, Lap dance, Latin, Lifelong Movement, Lindy hop, Line dancing, Lion Dance, Mazurka, Medieval, Meringue, Modern Contemporary, Modern, Morris, New Vogue, Nightclub, Norwegian, Old Time, Pilates, Playford, Pole dance, Polka, Regency, Renaissance, Round dance, Rumba, SCA, Salsa, Savage Contemporary Dance, Scandinavian, Scottish Country Dancing, Square dancing, Stage dancing, Steampunk, Street latin, Swedish, Swing, Tango, Teacher training, Turkish, Victorian, Vintage, Waltz, West coast swing, Zouk, Zumba, Zydeco

All calendars

ACHPER WA Branch Inc, Adirondack Dance Weekend, Albany Contradances!, Austin Tango Instruction & Festival Calendar, Austin Tango Milongas & Practicas, Australia and NZ swing-associated dance events, Australian festivals, Barony of Stormhold, Lochac, SCA, Bee Bops Square Dance Club, Bennington Contra, Best Salsa, Black Sheep Dance Collective, Bloomington Old-time Music & Dance Group, Blue Nova Round Dance, Buhrmaster Barn Dances, Bush Music Club, Canberra International Folk Dance Association, Canberra Swing Katz, Capital English, Capital Swing, Central Coast Bush Dance & Music Association Inc., Ceroc London, Childgrove, College of St Monica, Krae Glas (SCA), Columbiners, Country Dance New York, Dance Kaleidoscope, Dance Lovers of Central New York Meetup Group, Dancing in Dorset, Danzhaus aka The Gingerbread House, Dave & Shelly Little Tango Classes, Denver Square Dancing, Diamond Swing, Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy, East US Contra Calendar, Elite Synergy Dance Studio, Estonian folk dance, Family Dances, Flurry Festival, Folk Dance Canberra, Folk Federation of Tasmania, Gaelic Club Sydney, Glens Falls Contra Dance, Grand Squares, Greek Folk Dancers of NSW, Guerrilla Tangueros, High On Dance @ Glendal Primary School, High On Dance Glen Waverley, Hilltoppers, Homespun Barn Dance … further results

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