Artist Title Plan Tempo Year Regular structure Flagged Explicit
Swedish House Mafia Don't You Worry Child (A8) 3A 4 3A 32 129bpm Yes No No
Swedish House Mafia Save The World (A8) I-16 6A O-32 127bpm Yes No No
Syn Cole Got The Feeling (A8) 3A 8 2A 32 124bpm 2017 Yes No No
Take That feat. Lulu Relight My Fire 123bpm No No No
Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do (A8) I-32 6A 32 129bpm 2017 Yes No No
Taylor Swift Love Story (A8) 2A A*8 4A 119bpm 2003 Yes No No
Taylor Swift Gorgeous (A8) 8 32 1A 4 2A 8 1A 92bpm 2017 Yes No No
Taylor Swift Call It What You Want (A8) I~ 4A 82bpm 2017 Yes No No
Taylor Swift Style 11a 95bpm Yes No No
Technotronic Pump Up The Jam 13a ~ 125bpm Yes No No
Teddy Cream Horses (A8) 6A 115bpm 2017 Yes No No
Tekno Diana (A8) 32 6A 24 103bpm 2016 Yes No No
Tekno Where (A8) 32 6A 116bpm 2016 Yes No No
Tekno Pana (A8) 16 6A 100bpm 2016 Yes No No
Tekno Duro (A8) 6A 32 120bpm 2015 Yes No No
The 1975 The Sound 16 15a 121bpm Yes No No
The Beloved Sweet Harmony (A8) I-16 7A O-32 101bpm Yes No No
The Blaze She 64 11a 32 125bpm Yes No No
The Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star 130bpm No No No
The Cat Empire Hello (A8) 3A A*16 2A 110bpm 2003 Yes No No
The Chemical Brothers The Salmon Dance 125bpm 2007 No No No
The Communards Never Can Say Goodbye (A8) I 8A 132bpm 1987 Yes No No
The Hooters And We Danced 16 4A ~ 2A 32 16 146bpm 1985 Yes No No
The Magician feat. Years & Years Sunlight (A8) 5A 32 16 122bpm 2014 Yes No No
The Pointer Sisters Jump (For My Love) (A8) 16 3A 16 5A 16 135bpm 1983 Yes No No
The Potbelleez Keep On Loving (A8) 6A 124bpm 2017 Yes No No
The Presets Martini 6a 16 5a 8 4a 126bpm Yes No No
The Proclaimers I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) 16 7a 8 2a ~ 8 4a 132bpm Yes No No
The Pussycat Dolls feat. Will.I.Am Beep 105bpm 2005 No No No
The Ronettes Sleigh Ride (A5 B4 C4 D3) I~ (ABC)x4 D O~ 184bpm No No No
The Script Superheroes (A8) I-16 32 4A O-16 84bpm Yes No No
The Shamen Ebeneezer Goode (Beat Edit) (A8) I-16 7A 125bpm 1992 Yes No
The Streets Weak Become Heroes (Single Edit) 4A A*8 3A 16 2A 8 3A O-32 130bpm 2002
The Sugarhill Gang Rapper's Delight (A8) 12A
(A12) 8A
112bpm 1979 Yes No No
The Supermen Lovers Starlight (A8) 1A 16 9A 127bpm 2000 Yes No No
The Ting Tings Shut Up And Let Me Go 108bpm 2008 No No No
The Veronicas On Your Side (A8) 16 4A 100bpm 2016 Yes No No
The Wannadies You & Me Song 1a 8 16 10a 16 ~ 150bpm Yes No No
The Wanted Chasing The Sun 7a 16 2a 16 3a 128bpm Yes No No
The Wanted Glad You Came (A8) I 5A O 127bpm 2011 Yes No No
The Weeknd Secrets 16 5a 16 4a 16 4a 16 110bpm Yes No No
The Weeknd Can't Feel My Face (A8) 3A A*16 A O-16 108bpm 2015 No No No
The Weeknd Starboy (clean) (A8) I-16 5A 92bpm 2016 Yes No No
The Weeknd Starboy (A8) I-16 5A 92bpm 2016 Yes No Yes
Throttle Money Maker 10a 123bpm Yes No No
TIEKS feat. Dan Harkna Sunshine 11a 117bpm Yes No No
Tiesto On My Way (A8) I-16 5A O-32 124bpm 2017 Yes No
Tigerilla Money In My Jeans (A8) 5A 105bpm 2017 Yes No No
Timbuk 3 The Future's So Bright (I Gotta Wear Shades) (A8) I-16 7A 32 O-16 160bpm 1986 Yes No No
Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner Written In The Stars (MNEK Remix) (A8 B6) ABBABBAA 125bpm 2011