Artist Title Plan Tempo Year Regular structure Flagged Explicit
Duck Sauce Barbra Streisand (Radio Edit) (A8) I-16 6A 128bpm Yes No No
Duke Dumont Ocean Drive (A8) 6A 115bpm 2015 Yes No No
Duke Dumont Ocean Drive (Extended Mix) (A8) 8A 115bpm 2015 Yes No No
Duke Dumont Won't Look Back (Radio Edit) (A8 A9) 6A 124bpm Yes No No
Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf 16 4a 8 9a 128bpm Yes No No
Earth, Wind & Fire September ~ 12a ~ 125bpm Yes No No
Earth, Wind & FIre Boogie Wonderland 130bpm 1979 No Yes No
East 17 House Of Love (A8) I~ 1A 16 3A 16 3A 118bpm 1992 Yes No No
East 17 It's Alright (A8) I~ 6A 32 O~ 130bpm 1992 Yes No No
Eat More Cake Heat Of The Night 16a 120bpm Yes No No
Ed Drewett Champagne Lemonade (Manhattan Clique Remix) (A8 B6) 4A 1B 1A 8 1A 125bpm 2011 No No
Ed Sheeran Perfect W (A32) 3A 8 5A 63bpm 2011 Yes No No
Ed Sheeran Don't (A8) I-16 5A 95bpm 2014 Yes No
Ed Sheeran` Shape Of You (A8) I-16 5A O-32 95bpm 2017 Yes No
Ella Eyre feat. Yxng Bane Answerphone (A8) 5A 32 113bpm Yes No No
EMF Unbelievable (A8) 8 5A 32 105bpm 1991 Yes No No
Empire Of The Sun High And Low (A8) I-16 7A 125bpm 2016 Yes No No
Enrique Iglesias Bailando (A8 B6) I-8 AABAAB 90bpm 2014 No No
Enrique Iglesias Bailamos 100bpm No No No
Enya Caribbean Blue (A31 B18 C19 D32 E15) I-16 ABACDDE O-5 53bpm 1991 No No No
Eric Prydz Pjanoo (A8) 5A 125bpm 2008 Yes No No
Eskimo Joe Black Fingernails, Red Wine (A10, A11) 125bpm 2006 No No No
Falz Jeje (A8) 16 5A 32 106bpm 2017 Yes No No
Felix Jaehn Like A Riddle (A8) 8A 110bpm 2017 Yes No No
Five When The Lights Go out (A8 A9) 6A 105bpm 1998 Yes No No
Fleetwood Mac Little Lies (A8) 1A A*16 1A 16 2A 16 125bpm 1987 No No No
Flight Facilities feat. NIKA Need You (A8) 6A 118bpm 2018 Yes No No
Flo Rida Whistle (A8 B6) BBBBAAA 104bpm 2013 No No
Flo Rida I Cry (A8 B6) 5A 1B 1A 125bpm 2013 No No
Flo Rida feat. Maluma Hola 11a 113bpm Yes No No
Flo Rida feat. Sia Wild Ones (A8) 7A O-32 127bpm 2013 Yes No
Florence + The Machine Spectrum (Say My Name) (Calvin Harris Remix Radio Edit) (A8 B6) 4A 1B 1A 125bpm 2012 No Yes No
Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You (A8) 7A 102bpm 1981 Yes No No
Foster The People Pumped Up Kicks (A8) 8 7A 32 128bpm 2011 Yes No No
Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax 115bpm No No No
Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson Love On My Mind (A8) 4A A*16 5A
(A8 B6) 4A 1B 5A O-32
128bpm 2005 Yes No No
FUCT TAPE Cave Drawings (In The Way You Love) (A8) 9A 120bpm Yes No No
G.R.L. Ugly Heart (A8) 6A 125bpm 2014 No No No
Galantis Peanut Butter Jelly (A8) I-8 6A O-32 129bpm 2015 Yes No
Galantis Runaway (U & I) (A8) 126bpm 2014 No No No
Galantis Emoji 16 9a 122bpm Yes No No
Galantis & Hook N Sling Love On Me (A8) 2A A*8 16 2A 8 1A 125bpm 2016 Yes No No
Galantis feat. MAX Satisfied (A8) 32 3A 16 1A 120bpm 2018 Yes No No
Galantis feat. Uffie Spaceship (A8) 32 2A 16 2A 32 126bpm 2018 Yes No No
Generik feat. Nicky Fan She The Weekend 11a 127bpm Yes No No
George Benson Kisses In The Moonlight (A8 B7) 3A 1B 2A 88bpm 1986 No No No
George Ezra Shotgun 16 10a 116bpm Yes No No
George Ezra Paradise 16 4a 8 1a4 10a 139bpm Yes No No
Gina G. Ooh Aah (Just A Little Bit) (A8 A9) I-16 2A 16 3A 32 135bpm 1996 Yes No No
Glee Cast Empire State Of Mind (A8) I-16 5A 32 O-8 87bpm Yes No No